Tuesday, June 23, 2009

If you can't say something nice about someone... then come sit beside me.

It happens fairly often that I will get a new CD only to find that I'm not very excited by it, but I always give it a fair trial and listen to it at least five times. Almost always I discover things that I didn't notice at first and soon I find that I do like it after all. Sometimes those iffy CD's have become some of my favorites, but that isn't always the case. There are some CD's that I put on the back shelf for one reason or another. You may like them, though.

A Quiet Conscience by Connor Burrowes is one of those. It's actually sort of interesting because it’s Renaissance music but somehow it never makes me tap my feet. These are sacred songs from the 17th century and they are not choral music. It's the voice of Connor Burrowes accompanied by lute and harpsichord and I'm afraid it's pretty dry.
I like Connor, I like all of the Burrowes boys; they have given us some great music and this may well be a great CD. Just because it makes me yawn doesn't mean that others won't like it. Looking at Amazon, though, I see that it is no longer available and has been discontinued by the manufacturer, so maybe I wasn't the only one.

Another CD that I didn't bother putting on my iPod is Kein Schoener Land by the Regensburger Domspatzen boys. Here is a great choir, it's just this CD that I don't like.
I thought it was going to be them singing German folk songs because the blurb said 'featuring Rebensburger Domspatzen, but they only sing back up and not even on all the songs. There is only one where they have a strong role and the others are sung by German men. That's no fun.

The one song that I did keep was Zu Regensburg Auf Der Kirchturmspitz. The lyrics are weirdly funny, that old world humor, and it talks about a group of tailors sitting down to feast on a roast flea. Tailors were supposedly so small and insignificant that their festival gatherings would take place on a spire.
What I like about the song is that it sounds very comical. The line “Schneider meck, meck, meck” is repeated a lot and it puts me in mind of a Looney Tunes cartoon of chickens scratching in the barnyard.

Unfortunately, one good song is no reason to buy the CD.

Everyone loves Declan Galbraith... except me. His first CD is gathering dust as we speak. What a cute kid and what a big voice but songs like Mama Said, Imagine, Tell Me Why and so on, are just the sort of pop music that I don’t care for.
I grew tired of these songs when I was a kid and some of them are older than me. Sometimes he has backup singers that sound like something from the seventies.

Declan has a fun story about his musical beginnings and I'm sure he's a great guy but looking at the numbers on his later albums I see more of the same so, unless someone recommends a particular album, I think I’ll pass.


  1. I think Declan is great.

    Personally I agree that some of Declan's song sound a little bit old-fashioned sometimes. You know good songs never grown old. Though the melody may sound quite out-dated, those songs by Declan are really worth-listening and I still enjoy soo much as Declan has shown excellent interpretation in that. He made those songs live again.

    Listen to his second album "Thank You" and I highly recommand it to you.
    Declan still got a wide-ranged voice in this album. It's definitely pure and passion-shown as he always does.
    Go youtube "An angel" as well. It's a cover in "Thank You" and it's got over 7 million hits!

    If you would like to look for a more detailed review, you may refer to the link here which I googled. You can see other people's comment on "Thank You" as well.

    Ps/ He has got the 3rd album "You And Me" in 2007. His voice changed significantlly and he couldn't hit that high note anymore. Yet, his falsetto on "Nothing Else Matters" (originally performed by Metallic) blew me away!! I thought it was sung by a soprano at the beginning! :O The falsetto part is at the start and end.
    His voice sounds not really stable as before in the 3rd album, perheps due to adolescence. But I believe it's getting more and more mature and strong.

    Maybe many boy singers could do better than Declan. But this guy is really a CHARM! He's irresistible! :3

  2. Probably my comment is longer than your entry?! LOL!

  3. Nop..It's not longer. But I rarely write such lengthy comment! :P (perhaps only because of Declan!)

  4. The thing that gets me with Declan is not his voice, or the type of music he sings. What endears me to Declan is his emotions. He puts 110% in to each of his songs. If you have seen some of his early videos, you woud see what I mean.

  5. I really was hoping that someone would disagree with me about that last post. I'm glad to see such a strong recommendation for Declan. I felt a little bad about saying I didn't like him because I actually did rather like Danny Boy and Carrickfergus, maybe because they are Irish songs.
    I'm sure I didn't give him a fair shake so I'm going to order a copy of "Thank You". Thank you.

  6. @buck: True. And I really really hope that this guy could be more well-known.

    @Larry: Thanks Larry. If you didn't create this post, probably I wouldn't reply you that strongly:p. So please, please recommend Declan Galbraith to others if you like his ablum! (I'm pretty sure you'd do!;D)