Sunday, November 1, 2009

I watched a new video from Libera’s tour of the Philippines and here is a link to it on YouTube. The song is called Banyan Ko and the video is shot from a single view at the back of the theater. It’s a pretty song and it would sound even prettier if the audience would be quiet so I could hear it.
Maybe it’s an ethnic thing but they break into applause and cheers eight times throughout the 3-1/2 minute number. If the entire concert was like that it would have been annoying.

The good thing is that Libera sounds great. The change in members didn’t affect their special harmonies. Too bad there were no close-ups, though. It seems like they were over there for a long time and during some bad weather so I'm really glad they made it home safely.


I’m not like the rest of my family. I never was. When I was a boy I believed that I had been switched at birth and I had faith that someday my real family would pull up in a limo and take me home to our mansion. I think I was 11 when I realized one day that I looked just like my mother and those hopes were dashed.

My family is not very sophisticated. They are happy with gifts in bags that say Sears on the outside. I always wished that mine said Nieman Marcus.

I always look forward to November because this is the time of year when I start my Christmas shopping. The family laughs at me because I buy presents for myself, but I have to, it’s the only way I can get any really good stuff.

I to go to Amazon and start stuffing things into my ‘wish list’. For most of November I load it up with books, DVD’s and lots of music. Then when I get my Christmas bonus at work, which is sometime around Thanksgiving, I start dumping my wishes into the shopping cart. I make sure that they all come in groups just large enough to qualify for free shipping so there will be lots of boxes and when they arrive I wrap them and stick them under the tree. By the time Christmas morning arrives I will have forgotten what I ordered so each box will have nice surprises in it and it’s always something I really wanted.

So, when it comes to CD’s I’m open for suggestions.


  1. Save a little cash for the new year. Tewkesbury Abbey Schola Cantorum will be releasing a new CD of Stanford songs. I am hoping they will include Beati Quorum Via as well as the Magnificat in G, maybe with young Laurence Kilsby getting the solo.


  2. Nice. Thanks for the tip. That should be a great CD. Magnificate in G was one of the very first songs I fell in love with.

  3. Hi,

    The name of the song was "Bayan Ko", not "Banyan Ko". There're also (IMO) good reasons for all the clapping, which are explained in the reports on the Libera Dreams forum and the Libera Yahoogroup. I don't think this is exactly an "ethnic" thing either, because according to reports it wasn't like that for the rest of the concert.

  4. Thanks for the info. I've read that in various cultures audiences show their appreciation in diffent ways. Most clap and cheer but some stomp their feet. The Romans used to snap their fingers.
    I would like to hear the song without the interruptions, though. I hope they put it on their next album.
    Thanks again for commenting. It's always great to find another Libera fan.