Sunday, June 27, 2010

There are a lot of things to like about the Vienna Boys Choir. They adhere to a very high standard of quality in their music and they have been the leading ambassadors of boy choir music around the world for a long, long time. WSK is actually four choirs that are all versatile and able to sing Classical music, Folk music, Chinese songs, American standards, Rock and Pop, anything. Well, I don’t think I’ve heard them do Rap or Country but that’s probably another thing to like about them.

On top of that, they have the friendliest web site of any choir I have found. You can ask questions to their Guestbook and they will answer you, usually the very next day. I’ve written to them several times and they are always kind and informative. That can’t be said about other choirs that I’ve emailed with questions. Often I don’t receive a reply at all. I won’t mention any names (coughlibera).

It’s fun to visit their site to look at the pictures which are plentiful and updated often.

Wiener Sangerknaben has re-opened their shop after taking it off-line for updates. They are once again selling their Teddy bears in the little WSK sailor suits so I ordered one and it arrived today. It’s so cute standing on my CD shelf. I just have to keep my niece from seeing it or she will swipe it. She can be really grabby for a five-year-old.

I also received a CD that I have wanted for quite some time, I Am From Austria. This is sort of an odd CD because I don’t know how they chose these particular songs. They don’t seem to have anything in common, except that they are all very nice.

The first few are movie songs like Singing in the Rain, Over the Rainbow and Chim Chim Cheree.

Then there are some Broadway numbers like If I Were a Rich Man, from Fiddler on the Roof, Prepare Ye The Way of the Lord, from Godspell, and a stirring version of A Wonderful Day, from The Roar of the Greasepaint, the Smell of the Crowd (I love that title).

There are Folk songs, Loreley, and Danny Boy, and Classical songs like Heidneroslein, by Heinrich Werener, and the Brahms lullaby Sandmannchen.

For more modern, pop songs there is Morning Has Broken, Wir Wollen Gemeinsam Singen (Let’s Sing Together) and the title song, which I like a lot, I Am From Austria.

I also have to mention that when they sing in English their accents are adorable.


  1. Speaking of accents, when I first heard WSK live I was in Napa, Florida. One song they sang was in finnish, so I could hear an Austrian choir singing finnish in the USA. Pretty strange...

    The song of course is "Ieavan Polkka" which is in the Schubertchors repertuare. It's not maybe a good sample of my native language, since it's mixture of Savo dialect (which is hard to understand event to Finns) and plain gibberish.

    Anyway, its also pretty sad time for WSK, because many of the familiar "old boys" are leaving. Including Hibiki and (I think) Shintaro. Well, there will be others...

  2. _r2_, nice anecdote.
    One thing I love about the world today is getting to mix with people from different countries. One day, in Seattle, I was at a mall food court listening to a Mexican man, who spoke little English, trying to order food from a Japanese woman, who also spoke little English. It took quite a while.

    If Leavan Polkka is the same as Eve's Polka that is on the WSK Silk Road CD, that's a fantastic song. I love hearing how fast the boy sings it.

    I wish I could be a Vienna Choirboy.

  3. Well, if you were just a wee bit younger, you could audition. They hold auditions when they are on tour some times. I don't know if he is still with the WSK or not, but a year or two ago there was a boy that sang with the Cincinnati Boy Choir that auditioned and was accepted into the WSK.

  4. Yes, if only I were younger, and if only I could sing.

    You know, you should ask WSK on their guestbook about the Cincinnati boy and see how he's doing. I'll bet they would pass along a hello to him. He'd probably be glad to hear from a fellow Buckeye.

  5. Hi,
    Actually there has been several boys from Chincinati, three of which are brothers. Noah is the youngest and you can actually see him in the Silk Road dvd (when the choir is introduced).

    I also found some new articles about them from google news.

    Noah is also easy to spot. He is the only one in Bruckenchor with red hair.

    Also I think two boys from Singapore were asked to audition,when their sister submited a youtube vid of him signing in school event.

    Google news is powerfull tool for spies like me...

  6. ...and yes, I think Noah is still with the choir. He will retire next year.

  7. I liked Noah. He was very well spoken and seemed at ease in front of the camera. I'll bet he sings really good, too.