Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Things to watch out for:

Sometimes when purchasing music from the internet I don’t read the information closely enough and I sometimes end up regretting it.
The Choirboys (the first incarnation with CJ, Patrick and Ben) had two CD’s and I ordered both only to find out that they were really the same except for a song or two. One has Miserere and the other has Walking In the Air. They even have the exact same liner notes and pictures, just different covers.
Maybe one was the English release and the other was the U.S. release. I should have looked closer at the track listings.
Of course, I'm happy to have both in my collection but I was still surprised.

Most recently I received a CD that I had really been looking forward to, The Westminster Choir sings familiar American and British folk songs.
How was I to know that there is a Westminster Choir in New Jersey and that it isn’t a boy choir? I thought this was from Westminster Cathedral and that would have been a charming album but this adult mixed choir is not at all what I wanted.
Unfortunately I had unwrapped it before realizing my blunder. There was small print on the back that would have told me who it was if I had read it first. Once a CD is unwrapped Amazon won't take it back. That’s 16 bucks that could have been spent on Tolzer Knabenchor or something.

On one CD I luckily investigated before I bought it. It was a CD from the Athens Boy’s Choir, which sounded like it could be good until I looked further. Then I saw that it was something totally different from what I expected. Turns out they are a "transgender spoken word duo based in Athens, Georgia". Oops.

So, my point is to always read the descriptions and labels carefully and don’t unwrap a CD until you’ve looked it over.


  1. Speaking of duplicate cd's with different covers, you will see that a lot with European Choirs. They will release for example in both England and Germany. Also you will find a lot ot the European Choirs with releases in their home country and also Japan.

    Most times the tracks are the same or just one or two songs different. But the covers will be different.

  2. Thanks Buck. I'll remember that.