Monday, August 24, 2009

L’or Des Anges

Want to hear something crazy? I have to go in tomorrow for a coronary bypass operation. I told the doctor, ‘no way. That only happens to old people‘. He says not to worry.
Anyway now I have to be away for a few days and I won’t be able to post again until probably Friday or Saturday. So, don’t touch that dial… I’ll be back.
I have been as nervous as an expectant father, pacing the floor and wringing my hands, waiting for that special delivery. It’s finally here and it’s a boy. In fact, it’s lots of boys. I just received the DVD of L’or Des Anges, the pseudo-documentary about boy choirs.

Interestingly the first 4 letters of the title spell L O R D, as in ‘Lord, this is too short”. These things are never long enough and the 52 minutes of the feature go by much too quickly, but there are some behind the scenes footage and some outtakes that are fun.

I’ve only had the chance to watch it once so I’ll report more about it when I return. It may take a couple of posts.
If I had any cigars I would pass them around.


  1. it will be fine, i had a quad by-pass in 2001, had a heart attack offshore heli'd in. at least you know whats going on. good luck my friend i will be in prayer for you

  2. Thanks very much, Bob. I shouldn't have whined about it. I'm usually more stoic but as the hour draws closer for the grand opening I'm feeling a little freaked. I hope they let me listen to my iPod during the operation.

  3. We'll think good thoughts for ya!

    L'Or des Anges *is* wonderful....too short, as you say, though!

  4. The DVD looks amazing but I can't seem to find a secure website to purchase it from.
    May I ask where you brought yours from?