Thursday, August 6, 2009

Someone kindly told me about a web site that I have been visiting a lot lately.
UK Cathedral Music Links has an amazing amount of information about various Cathedrals and their choirs, but it also has links to some interesting boy choir history, books, articles and a ton of other stuff. It’s very educational.


Libera is not the only talented bunch of boys from south London. There is also the Trinity Boys Choir from Croydon and I have wanted to hear them for some time, but the only album of theirs that was available from Amazon was Christmas With The Trinity Boys Choir. Despite the holiday title only about half the songs are seasonal, the other 8 are a variety of popular songs. They are:
Let It Be
Over the Rainbow
Eleanor Rigby
Bridge Over Troubled Waters
Windmills Of Your Mind
Amazing Grace

Since it is still the middle of summer I will save the carols until December and talk about the others. The singing is really good here. Bridge Over Troubled Waters is particularly beautiful and Windmills of Your Mind was a nice surprise. I’ve always liked that song.

The only problem I have with this CD is that track 7, Jerusalem, sounds distorted and really fuzzy. Maybe the machine goofed a little when it was printing my copy, but if anyone else has this CD maybe you will tell me if it’s the same on yours. If it’s supposed to sound like that then it’s very, uh, experimental and daring.

Despite the one odd song this CD is a very satisfying one.
This choir must rehearse a lot because they sing so perfectly together. From the information I found on the internet about them I can tell that they are very professional. I lifted some of that information and edited it here, like I usually do.

They have performed all around the world in concerts and cathedral recitals and they have been broadcast on TV and radio in different countries.
The choir has sung on the soundtracks of several feature films and its recordings range from opera to backing for pop albums.
The boys are particularly known for their part in Britten's A Midsummer Night's Dream, in which they have appeared in more than 150 professional performances, as well as on CD and video.
In the world of opera, the boys appear on prestigious stages all over Europe. On the concert platform, the Choir is regularly invited to perform at the BBC Proms and was honored to perform in Her Majesty the Queen's 80th Birthday Prom Concert at the Royal Albert Hall in 2006. The boys have performed with all the major London orchestras and in Vienna with the Vienna Boys Choir.

One other thing I like about them is the photo of them dressed for a performance in military uniforms and big, black, waxy moustaches. It’s a riot. I think it’s a great picture and I hope I get the chance to see them someday.


  1. Funny how people think that Christmas songs can only be played during the season. Christmas songs are some of the most beautiful songs ever written, and need to be played year round, I do. It drives my house-mate nuts, but I play them any ways....giggles.

  2. Yes, I blame department stores. They start playing Christmas music in October sometimes and I'm afraid I'll burn out on the songs before the actual holiday arrives.
    That's one reason I like English carols like The Holly and the Ivy, and Bulalow. They don't get much play where I live.