Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I had an idea today. I believe that we should rename the days of the week in order to pay tribute to the great guys of Libera. My thoughts were that Sunday should become Libera-day, Monday would become Madine-day, Tuesday Tom-day, Wednesday Bens-day, Thursday Tiarnan-day, Friday Liam-day and of course finally Edward Day.
I want to see a grassroots movement to change all our calendars.

Speaking of Libera, there was also the...

Saint Philips Boy’s Choir

It’s hard to find out much about this choir except for the information on the CD liners and a bit in BCSD. If anyone knows anything about them I would love to learn more.

Before there was Libera there was the Saint Philip’s Boys Choir. They recorded three CD’s that should be part of any Libera fan’s collection. They chose very pretty songs like Bright Eyes, I Vow to Thee My Country and Sailing. The boys’ voices have a sweetly innocent quality.

Daren Geraghty and Oliver Putland sang most of the solos on Angel Voices 1, Daren, Liam O’Kane and Chris Baron were soloists on Angel Voices 2 and Liam and Steve Geraghty sang on Angel Voices 3 which is Christmas music.

Of course, they are from south London, ages 7 to 14 and often appeared on British television shows. They had 2 hit singles and appeared with some major singing stars. I’m unclear whether they were going by the name Angel Voices or The St. Philip’s boy’s choir but I listen to these CD’s a lot.

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  1. Actually, there are 5 albums under the name of St. Philip's Boy's Choir. The 3 Angel Voices that you mention plus two others. The others are New Day recorded in 1990 and Sing Forever recorded in 1988.