Monday, February 16, 2009

The Vienna Boys Choir
Wiener Sangerknaben has celebrated their 500th anniversary. They are probably the most famous choir in the world and certainly the most famous boys choir. I have twelve of their CD’s which I listen to a lot so needless to say that I am a big fan. What a distinctive sound. They sing mostly classical and church music, but also folk and pop music and recently they did an album called Silk Road, a collection of songs in Arabic, Chinese, Tajik, Urdu and more.

There are four touring groups in WSK. They are Schubertchor, Haydnchor, Mozartchor and Brucknerchor. As many as three groups tour at any one time but one is always in residence and school at their home in their beautifully restored Palais Augarten.

I saw the Haydnchor on their U.S. tour last fall and I smiled during the entire concert. There were two dozen boys in their trademark sailor suits lined up in two rows and singing mostly a cappella but sometimes accompanied by a piano. The boys were obviously having fun and I could tell they sometimes were holding back laughter. I was sitting a few rows back from the stage.

Schubertchor just returned from Korea where they were very well received. There are some blog postings on their homepage that are really funny.

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