Sunday, February 15, 2009

Once you start looking for boy choir music you will quickly come across Libera. The are choirboys from St. Philips church in south London and their director, Robert Prizeman (a genius), has created a unique and amazing sound with them. It's very magical.

It’s a funny thing about Libera fans, we don’t just like them, we love Libera. Their fan club is growing rapidly as more people hear them and the fans are mostly adults, very serious adults. I've heard it referred to as being caught in the Libera web.
The sound is sort of a combination of New Age, Catholic, classical, pop and more. They are a charismatic group of boys. Much of their songs contain Latin lyrics and they perform wearing white monk’s robes.

It is easy to find videos of them on the web. They have been together for a long time and when you watch the videos you get to see them grow up. If you become a Libera fan you really should get their Leiden concert DVD. It has great interviews on it. The boys all are really charming, especially Tom Cully, Josh Madine and Mini-Ben.

I went to Pittsburgh to see them last April and before the show I talked to several other people waiting in the lobby. It was amazing how many had come a long way for that show. Some people traveled hundreds of miles. It was a great show and over way too soon.

I stood in line for autographs after the show along with hundreds of other fans. It was the first time ever that I wanted anyone's signature, although I mainly wanted to say hello to them.

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  1. well said! i dont know it's just me- but the boy in the center of the top image reminds me of liam ;)