Friday, April 17, 2009

Confessions of a Libera junkie

Hello, my name is Larry and I am a Libera addict. I’ve been clean now for almost 20 minutes. I really think I have it under control now… uh… oh no, here I go again…. Ahhhh Gaudate.

I love watching the Libera DVD of their Leiden concert, Angel Voices/Libera in Concert. When I’m bored or if I’m feeling tense or a little down this will always cheer me up.

I liked a term that someone used recently to describe a charismatic choir or chorister; it was chorisma. The chorisma of the Libera boys is magnified by seeing them on stage, especially with close up shots of their faces. Their expressions as they sing are sweet to watch but you can also see details like Tom Cully has freckles and Michael Vereycken has lipstick smeared on his chin. Little Ben Philipp is truly angelic, in fact, they are all just cheek pinching-ly cute.

The lighting is really nice and I like the camera angles and movements. The orchestra is excellent and Fiona lends a very sophisticated touch with her long, black gown contrasting nicely with the boys monk‘s robes.

One of the best parts is the interview footage that is interspersed with scenes of the boys practicing, on tour and playing at school. Tom Cully makes me laugh with the his magic trick and Josh’s smile is contagious.

I won’t say how many times I’ve watched this DVD but it’s a lot.

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  1. That 'magic trick' is priceless, and REALLY hard to pull off convincingly...especially with a camera in your face.

    They chose a good mix of songs for the Leiden concert (although Do Not Stand at my Grave and Weep was probably a bit mystifying in an otherwise relatively upbeat atmosphere)--another 'live' CD will be welcome....