Saturday, April 4, 2009

There is a lot of excitement here this week. My company gave us a little bonus so now I’m expecting some new CD’s in the mail. Just doing my bit for the economy.

I noticed that northern Europe is underrepresented in my collection so I sent for a CD by the Moscow Boy’s Choir and two from a Norwegian choir called Solvguttene Guttekor.

I’ve been curious about the Latvian group the Riga Dome Boy’s choir so I ordered their album titled Marlidendur.

For a while I’ve seen one again and again on Amazon called Once Were Angels, The Tradition of Boy Trebles, a collection of British boy treble performances. I got curious so that one is coming too.

I am finally getting the Silk Road DVD from the Vienna Boy’s Choir web site. I could have had it before now except that their web site never got updated to let people know it was available. Their ‘film’ link still says it’s coming this fall and the ‘shop’ link still has it available for pre-order. I’ll bet they’re wondering why sales are slow.

One CD arrived yesterday, The Moscow Boy’s Choir. It’s really nice. One thing that makes their sound different from other choirs is the really strong piano that accompanies most of the songs. At times it becomes really dramatic, especially on the Rachmanifoff pieces.
Some of the songs are traditional Russian folk songs like Evening Bells which is really sweet because behind the soloist the others are singing ‘bong, bong, bong…’.
The album has some good Christmas carols and a lovely Ave Maria (the Bach one) but the song that moved me most is Faure’s In Paradisum. I teared up a little, something that happens now and then with certain songs or paintings.

Anyway, good CD. I expect the others will be as well.

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