Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Here is something fun to do if you have a little imagination. Pick out some appropriate music, put on your earphones and go about your daily routine but pretend that you are in a movie and the music is the soundtrack. Maybe it’s a comedy that day or a drama; let the music set the mood.
They say that the best movie soundtracks are the ones you are not aware of, the music that leads our feelings without taking our attention from the picture.
Perhaps you will be the star of your movie or maybe just an extra or a star making a cameo appearance. Even an ordinary day becomes more fun when you‘re making your own story.
Just don’t break into a song and tap dance in the middle of the mall. Most people won’t understand.

Solvguttene - The Boys of Silver

I got two CD’s from Harry Turne’s Festival web site that I like but they were a bit of a mystery since all of the liner notes are in Norwegian. Solvguttene is from Oslo and I had to go to their web site to find out something about them.
Founded in 1940, they are a big choir, comprised of 65 boys aged 8 to 15, and 25 adult male singers, all of whom have previously been boy singers. Additionally, 25 boys aged 7-9 are training to be qualified for the concert choir.The choir will normally comprise around 60 singers on international tours and has a varied repertoire, although the focus has been and is on classical church choral music.
They have toured a lot and are extremely popular in Norway.

One of the CD’s is Solvguttene Guttekoret, a Celebration Concert in the Boda Kyrka, Sweden. It has good versions of a lot of the standard songs like Panis Angelicus, Pie Jesu, Ave Verum and so forth. Even though most choirs do these same songs it’s the voices that make them different and enjoyable.

The other CD is Solvguttene, 50 Ar (Years). I like it a lot but all of the song listings are in a language that I can’t read. You can find them listed on the BCSD site if you want to know what they are. Maybe your Norwegian is better than mine.


  1. Wow, that is big! They're on iTunes...hearing the tune to Hark! The Herald Angels Sing against Norwegian words is definitely unique.

    An American artist worth checking out: the Christ Church Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys in Indianapolis. They have a lovely earthy, robust sound that reminds me of Solvguttene.

    ...and about your first part: it's surprising how well such a wide variety of choral music lends itself to that 'motion of life'; a good idea, that--share with us what you've found!

  2. Thanks for the tip. I'll look for them.
    One sunny Sunday I was sitting in traffic on a busy street, waiting for the light, when a breeze came up and the petals from the Bradford Pear trees came swirling down like a snowfall. I was listening to Libera's New Heaven and I went into movie mode. It was really beautiful.