Monday, March 2, 2009

I feel that boy’s choirs are more pleasing than any other type of choir so the top five boy choirs are also the top five choirs in the world.

Those five choirs that are the best of the best are:

1. The Vienna Boy’s Choir

2. Libera

3. The Choir of King’s College, Cambridge

4. The American Boychoir

5. The Boys Air Choir

Each of these choirs has a uniquely beautiful sound that helps them stand apart and above the others. If I’m wrong, tell me. Leave a comment and let us know who you like best.

Of course, I like a lot of boy's choirs and another one that I recommend is...

Les Petits Chanteurs A La Croix De Bois

The little singers of the wooden cross (which they wear around their necks) is how their name translates but usually they are called the little singers of Paris. Founded in 1906 this choir has traveled extensively around the world with enthusiastic receptions everywhere. They went through some very rough years during WWII while they carried on a peace mission, bringing music to French prisoners of the German occupiers. They survived and grew and today they have beaucoup recordings.

I have a CD titled Les Plus Belles Chansons, a double album that is pretty novel.
It’s in a different style from the other music I have but it’s really fun.
Probably my favorite song is Le Duo De Chats by Rossini which consists of two boys singing ‘meow’ back and forth to each other… in a melodic way, of course. It’s a song to make you smile.

“Often imitated, rarely equaled, they are a part of the national heritage” is one descriptive quote that I found. It was also said that they have a ‘learned simplicity’. I will definitely be getting more of their work.


  1. In no particular order, I'd also add the Tolzer Knabenchor, Buoni Pueri, and the Polskie Slowiki...almost any of the British college mixed (boys and men) choirs....

    I love intricate harmonies, and especially love the sound of a mixed choir, hearing the sopranos and altos soaring over the adult voices...perfect example of this, since you mentioned Kings College, is their recording of "Miserere mei, Deus," by almost always brings me to tears....

  2. David,I know that feeling of being emotionally moved by a song or a voice. It's great.

  3. The Drakies, don't forget the Drakies. The Drakensburg Boys Choir of South Africa are outstanding also.

  4. I wonder, why there is no traditional German Boy Choir on your list. Some of them have a very long history like the Regensburger Domspatzen (about 1000 years) or Bach's own Choir St Thomas in Leipzig (Thomanerchor 800 years) or Schütz's Holy Cross Choir in Dresden (Kreuzchor - more than 700 years) but I now, they are not that famous in the English Speaking Countries