Saturday, March 21, 2009

Professor Dumbledore, headmaster at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, said, “Ah, music. A magic beyond all we do here.”

American Songfest, the American Boychoir

Who better to sing the music of twentieth century America than the American Boychoir? They have these smooth harmonies that are unique and wonderful.
This is a really fun CD that samples some of the great American composers such as Leonard Bernstein, Charles Ives, and George Gershwin.

I have to smile every time I hear young Francois Suhr singing Summertime from Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess. His strong piping voice carries well on a song that is usually sung by a woman.

I’ve heard several choirs sing that haunting song Sure On This Shining Night, the James Agee poem set to music by Samuel Barber, but I think this is my favorite.

There is a sweet rendition of Copeland’s Long Time Ago and Michael Tippett’s Steal Away.

This is a must-have CD and also, a friend has been telling me about another ABC album called
"Harmony - American Songs of Faith" (2007) by The American Boychoir and St. Olaf Choir.

He says, " I like it because it takes me back to my childhood with it's "Ole Time Religion" songs."

Track list:
01 - Kumbaya (American Boychoir & Alumni Chorus)
02 - This Little Light of Mine (American Boychoir)
03 - Jesus Loves Me (American Boychoir & St. Olaf)
04 - Here I Am, Lord (American Boychoir)
05 - Precious Lord, Take My Hand (American Boychoir)
06 - Walk in the Light (American Boychoir & St. Olaf)
07 - Give Me Jesus (American Boychoir)
08 - How Can I Keep from Singing (St. Olaf)
09 - Little Innocent Lamb (American Boychoir)
10 - The Gift of Love (American Boychoir)
11 - Softly and Tenderly (American Boychoir Alumni Chorus)
12 - Earth and All Stars (St. Olaf)
13 - Ose Shalom (American Boychoir)
14 - Shall We Gather at the River (American Boychoir & St. Olaf)
15 - Happy Land (American Boychoir Alumni Chorus)
16 - How Can I Keep from Singing (American Boychoir)
17 - Abide With Me (American Boychoir & Alumni Chorus)
18 - America the Beautiful (American Boychoir)
19 - Amazing Grace (St. Olaf)
20 - When I Survey the Wondrous Cross (American Boychoir & Alumni Chorus)

That is one I don't have yet but I want it.


  1. Just wandered if you have had the chance to see any choirs in concert?

    Choirs I have seen in person:

    01. Vienna Boys Choir
    02. Drakensburg Boys Choir
    03. New College Choir
    04. Kings College Choir
    05. American Boychoir
    06. All-American Boys Chorus
    07. Battle Creek Boy Choir
    08. Ann Arbor Boychoir
    09. Cincinnati Boychoir (Ohio)
    10. Dayton Boy Choir (Ohio)
    11. Cleveland Boy Choir (Ohio)
    12. Van Wert Boy Choir (Ohio)
    13. Columbus Boys Choir (Ohio)
    14. Parma Boys Choir (Ohio)

    Can you tell I am from We have 6 boy choirs within the state. They all get together for a festival and concert each summer.

  2. Last spring I drove to Pittsburgh to see Libera. It was such a great time. Before the show I met with some other fans for dinner and we were all hyped. I didn't stop grinning all evening.
    Last fall I went to Greenville, S.C. to see the Vienna Boy's Choir Schubertchor. Again it was really sweet. I had a seat up near the stage and could see perfectly.
    Next month I'll be seeing the American Boychoir. Thank goodness they are going to be closer than the others were.
    Those happen to be 3 of my very favorite choirs. I really hope that some of the others will tour near here. I would love to see King's college, New College and some or all of the others you mentioned. You're lucky to have so many great choirs nearby.
    The American Boychoir started in Columbus, didn't it?

  3. Yes, The American Boychoirs roots are in Columbus Ohio.

  4. The American Boychoir actually used to be the Columbus Boychoir until they moved to Princeton, NJ