Thursday, March 5, 2009

In looking at my music collection I realized that everything I have, with a few exceptions, is English. I have CD’s from some of the major cathedral choirs and several solo artists, but I’m lacking in music from other countries. There are great choirs in Germany and France and surely there are plenty in Spain and Italy (BCSD lists a great many),but the problem for me is understanding what I am buying. I don’t read German at all and my other language skills are regrettably weak so I don’t know what the CD descriptions say and I’m unsure about ordering something priced in foreign currency. It would be easy to miscalculate and pay too much, plus I’m uncomfortable about using my credit card in so many different locations.

There is a new web site that will be opening soon that will help with those problems by offering boy choir music from around the world; sort of one-stop shopping. I look forward to doing some business with as soon as they get up and running. There is a link to the site on this blog.

I do recommend one particular CD that gives great samples of boy's choir music. That one is...

Les Plus Belles Chorales D’Enfants

This is a double CD that I listen to a lot. It features several different choirs like Libera, King’s College, WSK, The American Boychoir, Trinity boys choir and more. A great introduction to the genre, it's one of the first CD's I bought and I've been really happy with it.
The type of songs vary with WSK doing some pop numbers like All You Need Is Love and Eternal Flame.
It starts with the Choir of Gamins from the opera Carmen, done by the boys choir of Toulouse. There is also music by Britten, Faure, Rorem and others including Libera’s Voca Me. I especially like one opulent number titled O Virgo Splendens.
There is more than one CD out there with this same name but the one has a picture of four boys, in profile, on the cover.

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